The woods, knittings and garden dreams

Happy equinox!

I hope this finds you feeling well.

It is the last bit of winter, or spring is here (supposedly). We have had several days in a row with 4-5 degrees celcius. It feels lovely, and I have longed so much to go to the woods, so today I actually drove away from where we live to find a place to do that. It felt so good, and being there underneath the trees made me feel more connected again. Like my senses have been dimmed or almost shut off. Being there, in silence, listening to the birds, breathing the fresh air and feeling small and in natures mercy is doing me so much good. We often tend to make ourselves or the people around us the center of the universe, and it’s not that easy to avoid. Of course we know that we are not, but I think it feels relieving to actually feel it. I get the same feeling from walking underneath the big trees as I do lying on the ground watching stars. You realise in a different way how small you are, and how little influence your life makes. Sometimes a comforting feeling. 🙂


Up the hill. In Norway walking in the woods mostly means walking up hills. Or down again.

I think I walked in the traces of deers. I tried to walk as silent as I could, but the snow was creaking with every step I took. Still, or maybe because of that, there were so many birds singing around me in the trees. As I looked up or around me they were flying here and there,  busy with whatever they were doing. I saw two bullfinks together that looked as if they were building a nest, or looking for a place to build a nest. I couldn’t see all that well, but they were very busy up in a tree. Listening to the birds and seing how busy they were made me so happy. I think that living where the winter is long, dark and cold makes spring feel even more intense. It’s like I’m filled with joy and hope for all things around me.


I wonder who walked here…?

We’re getting close to the second blue moon of the year, at March 31. A bit unusual to have two so close, and apparently the next one isn’t until 2020. So for anyone looking to do a blue moon ritual, it would be a good time. I am very intrigued by the esbat rituals, but I don’t know a lot about it. But I think, being a woman, the thought of celebrating the moon is something I feel a bit drawn towards. Maybe during the coming blue moon would be a good occasion to spend some time studying the moon rituals?


I wanted to share a bit of the knitting I’ve done lately. It’s not much, but it’s  more than the previous months, so I feel content about getting some of my unfinished projects finished. For quite a long time ago I started knitting a cardigan with a traditional Norwegian knitting pattern called “Telemark”. The pattern were made so that I had to sew it together after the knitting was done. Usually I avoid patterns like that, so I hadn’t a lot of practice with it. When the time came to sew the arms to the body, my knitting were so different in the body and the arms (I might have used different needle sizes?) that I lost all confident in turning this into a nice garment. I almost threw the whole thing in the trash. But after thinking about it for a few weeks I decided to try to finish it none the less. I’m glad I did! After soaking it and blocking it, it turned out pretty well, and fitted my boy. He looks so sweet in his knitted cardigan, I just want to cuddle him all the time. 🙂fullsizeoutput_701fah437RdQ2mzOi3347xr1A



I’ve also been knitting Julias Snow Drop Fingerless Mittens. They are so beautiful and fun to knit, and they fit my hands so well! I didn’t have the right needle size, but I think the yarn I used was a bit thin, so all in all, it turned out pretty nice. I am not completely done with the weaving yet, so I’ll post a picture of them all finished later.

Snowdrop fingerless mittens. Perfect for spring.


Our garden is filled with snow. There isn’t a lot to do there. But the planning is getting along nicely, and we’ve sowed some seeds to put under our little indoor plant light. We sowed chili and sweet pepper earlier this year. A little while ago we sowed tomatoes, and now we have sowed corn, cucumber, brussels sprout. I am very excited about the corn. I love corn so much, so I hope we manage a small harvest.

Snow drops fingerless mittens on the needles, and Chilis in the window sill.

Also the garden design course is moving forward. I haven’t worked on it that much, but I have made up a plan that we might use for our garden. There are a few things that will be very expensive because our garden is pretty steep, but we haven’t decided if we will go with the design or not. It’s still a lot of fun to draw up different designs and make plans.

A drawing of the garden design so far. I am not very good at drawing, but I hope I manage to communicate my ideas well enough.

The next couple of days I will try to finish a few assignments, and prepare for easter break. We are having a week off, so we’ll visit my parents-in-law. I am hoping to visit a spinning mill not too far from where they live, to look at some yarn I’m curious about. It’s a farm where they breed mohair goats and make yarn from their wool at the same place. I used to work at a store that sold their yarn, but that is so many years ago now, so it would be fun to visit the farm up in the mountains of Telemark.

I hope you are enjoying the brighter days.




A weekend away


This weekend our family went away with my sister and her husband. We had rented a cabin in the mountains, south of a mountain area called “Jotunheimen”. The area has the tallest mountains in Northern Europe, and even though we were not anywhere close to them, the view from where we stayed was breath taking. (Jotunheimen means something like “home of the giant”. The giant, a Jotun, were in norse mythology the opponents to the Gods. I love that the name of this area is taken from the norse mythology). Continue reading “A weekend away”

Making pots, sowing and other end of January activities


January is coming to an end, and we’ve been celebrating the light that is slowly returning with a little bit of sowing. I am always so happy to do this. November, December and January always feels dark and a bit unreal to me. Like we are walking around in our sleep, or as if we are trying to shake the dreams out of our minds, only to wake up to see that it is time to go to bed again. Spending some time sowing at the end of January has become a small ritual filled with joy for all of us, and it brings out anticipation and hope, two feelings that easily puts a smile on everyones faces and makes our hearts a little bit brighter. Continue reading “Making pots, sowing and other end of January activities”

Why I deleted my Instagram account


Today I deactivated my Instagram account. With the intention of deleting it. It is one of my “wants” for 2018 (as I don’t make new years resolutions, I usually write down things I want to do, or hope to do). Eckhart Tolle said “When you loose touch with inner stillness, you loose touch with yourself. When you loose touch with yourself, you loose yourself in the world”. I read this quote today, and felt that it gave me what I needed, maybe an understanding to what I was feeling, but couldn’t put into words, maybe something else. I’m not sure, but whatever it was, it felt empowering. Continue reading “Why I deleted my Instagram account”

Slow days at home


and happy new year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and that the new year has given you renewed energy to go about with what you are doing. Here at our home days have been slow. Starting work and school again after the holiday is always hard, because the days are so dark, it is cold, and it’s almost impossible not to change our sleeping pattern a bit during the holiday. That makes it hard to change back, but I think it is more natural for us to stay a while longer in bed in the mornings during the darkest of days, so even though we know it will be hard, we don’t want to wake up the children to keep the usual rhythm. We’d rather let them have their natural rhythm for a while. Continue reading “Slow days at home”

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”


I wrote this a while back, and never published it. I thought it was too sad and sort of uninteresting. But then I decided to post it anyway, because having thoughts like this is a part of life, just as well as feeling happy or blessed or any other feeling, and although I didn’t really intend to write a whole lot about struggles in this blog, I feel like it should be honest. Trying to make life seem perfect all the time is not good on anyone. Continue reading ““What do you want to be when you grow up?””