I went to the woods

I went to the woods the other day, to see if the snow would carry me. Some places it did, some places it didn’t. I didn’t get far. I went there to listen to the birds. To hug trees. To smell spruce and pine, and feel the bark in my hands. On my fingers. I went to look at the sunlight shine through the branches, and to listen to the birds sing. Call each other. Most of all I went to breathe. I was alone. There was a clearing. The birds sang, the sun shone, I heldt a twig from a spruce in my hand. Twirled it with my fingers. Smelled the smell that is so nurturing to me. And I breathed.

Our calendar says spring, and whenever the sun peeks out through the clouds, spring sure is here. But it is cold, the grounds are covered in snow, and the woods, though not as silent as they were in December and January, they are still pretty silent.

I have been drawn more to the fjord lately. To the ocean. The waves that are the easiest way to connect to Mother Earth’s breath to me. For as long as I can remember I have had a vision of myself living in a small house by the ocean some day. I am drawn to the beaches every winter and spring, though some years more than other. I am drawn to “things” that I associate with the ocean, like certain colors, textures and a fem items, like shells (of course), stones, straw and so on. But then, through the year it changes. I wonder why.


Walking a new path

Hello friends.

I am sitting in my living room with a cup of hot coffee and a smile on my face. I just got a text from a friend of mine that he has given birth to a baby girl. That makes me very, very happy.

I have just got home from spending the morning in the woods. It is so foggy outside, and has been so for about a week now. The woods are magical like always, but in this weather and at this time of year it is something else, I am sure. Entering the woods today was like entering another land.

As a child I used to think the thought of this season was so scary. What did it mean if it was true that the veil between the world of the living and the dead was thin enough for the dead to cross over? Was is dangerous? Would I see scary ghosts? I don’t worry too much about questions like that any longer. I have studied religion for too long. No one can know anything for sure, it is all theories. I pay much more attention to my own senses now. I don’t know the meaning of life, but I believe that a large part of life is about experiences of different kinds. So I focus on experiences because my experiences are true to me. And I really do enjoy this season now. 

I was planning on taking more photos today, but needed to recharge the battery on my camera and had forgot to bring an extra, so most of the time I just wandered around, looking, smelling and listening. It turned out to be a blessing. I experienced more than I have in weeks, and I relaxed and stayed present in the moment, which felt so good. I wandered around on new paths with a smile on my face, wondering why I had never walked here before. I’ve been spending most of my time in the woods in this particular wood for the last ten years, so it is a bit strange. It felt very symbolic to walk a new path, as I am wondering what to do after Christmas break. Maybe it is time for me to take a different direction in life? I might be reading too much into this. But anyways, cheers so a new experience on an average day in November.