Nature right now – September


I hope you are doing good? I am sitting at home after a morning walk in the woods. I walked my kids to school, and then went for a short walk to enjoy the fresh morning air. I love walking in the woods in the morning. The birds are singing, I am well rested from the nights sleep, and the air feels so nice on my not-completely-awake-yet morning face ๐Ÿ™‚ I took a camera with me because I wanted to show you what nature looks like here in September.

I am not sure why, but all through my childhood, until a few years back, I thought the leaves on the trees turned yellow and red in September. I talked to my mom about this, and she said the same thing too. In September the leaves are turning yellow and red. She works as a music teacher in an outdoor kindergarten so she should have noticed. I asked a few friends, and they answered the same thing. It’s a common assumption. But in fact, most of the trees does not have yellow and red leaves until October. There are a few now, I have seen, but far more than half of the trees around the area is still green. Why is it that so many people think differently? I am trying to think back to my childhood. Did we learn it at school? Are there any popular books that says so? I don’t know. It’s a bit funny though. Do you ever have experiences like that? With random things you’ve always thought to be one way, and then it’s completely wrong? ๐Ÿ™‚

There are leaves on the ground, but the trees are still green.ย 
Crossroads in the woods ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Around these days the seasons are changing. I can feel it in the air. In the mornings, it’s so cold. When it’s raining, so cold! I use two layers of wool in the mornings. I use woolen socks as well. But when the sun shines at daytime it is so warm, you can still wear a t-shirt. One foot in summer, one foot in autumn. There are a few flowers still holding on, but most of them have dried up, leaving us seeds to pick if we would like to. The potatoes needs to be picked up, the last few tomatoes too. We try to think about what we want to prepare for next years gardening, but fail to write it down to keep (again). There is a lot to do, but we only do half of it. We are working at a slower pace as the cold and dark days draws nearer.

I am back at school, about to start writing a bachelor thesis among other things. I have decided to write about the child in the pluralistic classroom, but I am not sure where to start. So I decided to use todays walk in the woods to think about that. I totally forgot, because I am always enchanted by the forest and I get so lost in the moment when I’m there. I came across a place that felt so much like a magical place of some sort. It was very strange. I fell silent and just enjoyed the sensation of maybe being in a special place. It didn’t look any special at all, it was just a feeling, but such a good one, you know? Do you ever come across places that you feel especially connected to?


I have no idea how to walk by cute mushrooms without photographing them.


I’ll leave you with a few more photos from today, and a wish for a blessed day.


This reminded me of the windmill toys we got at festivals when I was a kid.ย 
Good for shelter from the rain, I imagine ๐Ÿ™‚
This is so fascinating. Some day this tree just broke in two. Just like that. I wonder what it sounded like…?ย 




Coin purse for a little boy


How are you on this beautiful September day? We have been so lucky to have two days of rain, and then a beautiful sunny day today, with a mild breeze and just a hint of autumn in the air. I do love this season so much, I’m never happier than when I spend my days in the woods in September. Continue reading “Coin purse for a little boy”

End of summer, tomatoes and ferns.


How are you? I hope this finds you feeling well.

I’m sitting on my bed with a cup of tea, enjoying the cool air and the cloudy sky. The heat has let go, and although I love the thought of summer and all things that grows, I must admit that my love for change is bigger. Which is why, at the end of each season, I am very much looking forward to the next. Continue reading “End of summer, tomatoes and ferns.”

The April garden


I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last wrote here. Days have gone by so fast lately, I’ve lost track of time. It is morning now, and I have just made myself a big cup of coffee. I’m sitting in the kitchen listening to the rain hammering on the terrace outside. I have been thinking a lot about what to do if/when I decide to stop studying. I’m not very motivated any longer, and would like to spend my days otherwise, but I have no idea how or with what. Maybe something about help planning/designing small gardens? ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading “The April garden”

The woods, knittings and garden dreams

Happy equinox!

I hope this finds you feeling well.

It is the last bit of winter, or spring is here (supposedly). We have had several days in a row with 4-5 degrees celcius. It feels lovely, and I have longed so much to go to the woods, so today I actually drove away from where we live to find a place to do that. It felt so good, and being there underneath the trees made me feel more connected again. Like my senses have been dimmed or almost shut off. Being there, in silence, listening to the birds, breathing the fresh air and feeling small and in natures mercy is doing me so much good. Continue reading “The woods, knittings and garden dreams”